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What goes around comes around

Don't let it go to waste

11 February 1990
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I'm Briony, I'm 17, i made a new account cause i haven't used this for a couple of years and well my old entries were a bit funny haha. Anyway yeh feel free to read, but make your own so i can read too. haha. Dunno what else to say really.
8 simple rules, ambitions, america, any take-away actually, bbqs, being in a relationship, being single, bowling, car music lol, chip shops and chinese, cleaning, cute texts, drunkness, family, food, friends, gigs, going for random drives, going out, going to motorsport tracks, having my hair cut, hollyoaks, hot places in general, laughing, lazy days, lots of things really., making videos, meals, meeting new people, motorsport, msn chats, music, my dog, my jobs sometimes, my room, paties, random myspace comments, rollercoasters, shopping, sixth form, spongebob, steffan's wii lol, summer, taking pictures, tesco, the beach, yazoo